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Turkish fairy-tell. Alachati

            Few months ago I had a luck to be in fairy-tell. No, I don’t want to tell that some miracles happened with me, or monsters pursued after me, but I can call a place, where I was really wonderful.
            Alachati is a small village, which in the west part of Turkey near the Aegean coast. About the area I can tell that it’s small: all this village can be seen with a walk around 1 hour. I can’t tell about water in the sea, and if it’s possible here to swim or no, - in March even crazy people don’t risk to swim. But I know this place very popular with it surfing.
            When we had a small excursion there was raining, but I remembered Alachati like a colorful place: there are not multistoried houses. The highest buildings which you can meet will be buildings with 3 floors, but these places – hotels for tourist. Each hotel, each house decorated with such kind, that impossible not to stay for a few minutes just for looking.

Decoration every buildings includes many colored paints: red, orange, blue, purple. Also almost every houses are real flowers. I can’t imagine how cool here in the touristic season. To park a car very hard in the streets, because they are narrow.

Here many mini-stories where different clothes, accessories, souvenirs, foods. Alachati doesn’t have big Malls, supermarkets, but it’s better in my opinion, because such buildings would screw up common atmosphere. On the road everywhere stones, but if you want to move it’s not necessarily to wear rubbers with a flat foot. I can’t tell anything about prices in hotels, cottages, but I am sure – it will be not cheap. 

Alachati is a part of demy-island Cheshme, which is one of the most expensive places for resting in Turkey.
            We came here in the morning and decided to have a breakfast in some café in Alachati. Here too much café and all of them are different. It seems like owners of these restaurants all have competition about which café will be more beautiful. I didn’t see any restaurants which were the same with their style. Was possible to sit in outside area near the café. When we chose a restaurant we ordered a breakfast: eggs with a vegetables, greek salad, butter, jam, olives and tea.

I didn’t get impression from such breakfast, but from another side it’s not real to order in the morning fish, or mushrooms on the fire: for every food must be correct time. We were not just one tourists in that café, also were italian, german people.
            After short walk we decided to go in another café because I wanted to try a salep (popular, hot, without alcohol turkish drink, which good when the weather is cold).

cafe in Alacati

It was like a mix ice-cream and condensed milk: slab, sweet and high caloric!! Because of canella taste was unusual. I liked café very much: big large area which outside with big sofas (I adore red color!), there was not salep, but waiter brought it from another café.

            Alachati is not a once place at the Aegean coast, which I visited, but I got perfect impression. After my last travel I got sure again, that rest in Turkey – it’s not just a warm sea, sandy beaches, and free foods in hotels. It’s also much unique places, which usually small and inconspicuous on the map, but very beautiful!

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