вторник, 8 апреля 2014 г.

Map of the wishes. I can build my happiness by myself.

            This little, and for someone else funny thing organizes my life every year. Every year I think about changes in my life: small changes but with positive results for my mood. Actually I think people should try to change something in their life. And this trying should be regular, because old things make us regressed.
            Every year I make map of wishes. This map includes 9 sections:
           - money. Here you should put all material things which you wish to get: cars, gold, money etc. This section must be purple colour. For drawing I used colored pencil;

           - glory. Here I usually put a human which became famous, popular. It doesn’t need to be a rich man/woman but you should like his style of life. Last year I used picture of Roman Abramovich). Colour red;

             - love. I think, about this option no need to make any comments. Just listen to your heart and put there that kind of partner, relations which you wish to get in future. Last time I used picture Will Smith :) In my opinion he is kind, cheerful, wise man. And of course I would like to have a man near me like him. This section must be pink;

            - children. I have already son and my main wish about his health and education. I found some pictures in magazines about smart kids and putted in my map with photo of my son;

             -  travel. Last my map was including plane (I wanted to fly), sunny countries without name. My dream became real: I saw Turkey, Montenegro and flied a lot. Travel section loves grey colour;

                - education and job. This section still confuses me. I like studying, open something new for myself. I would like to be a doctor and to cure kids, but I think I am old for this kind of education. Anyway last year this section was almost empty;
               - hobby. For me it was sport and languages. I wanted to study as much as possible new languages. Than I understood this is not real. And in this year I will concentrate just for the few languages. About sport… I loved dance all my life and with time it didn’t change. I drew this area of my map by blue pencil;

             - home. Here you should put that kind of house/flat which you wish to have in future. But you should think not just about your wishes but also anout comfortable solutions. If you will live in house are you sure that it will be great for you? This area has green colour;

            - centre of your map. Here your photo where you cool, happy, relax.

          This map must be stay in your room. All guests who came to your house can look (of course if they don’t have bad eyes). Every day you will look at this map and remember about most important intentions for this year. You energy will make this map functioning. But of course you should want and you should need everything what in your map.

          Also better to make it in the grow moon and with good mood. Its not a magical thinks. Just sometimes people cant be happy because of one reason – they don’t know what they want from the life. They spend their time on the things which need money system: work on the job just to get money without any pleasure, married because time came or because parents liked this or that bride/groom, get some kind of education not because they dream about this profession but because it will give big money in future. Its absolutely wrong in my opinion: happiness starts from the details and for everybody these detail will be different. So lets concentrate for that things which will make us enjoy!

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