четверг, 10 апреля 2014 г.

My first visit in Moscow: mini-WOW

          I have never been to Moscow before and it was my first meeting with this city. 

I don’t know why I didn’t get big impression from this city. Maybe it’s because before I flew almost 8 hours from Khabarovsk and it was very tiring for me. Maybe because I stayed in Moscow just 2 days and I couldn’t see all beautiful sides of russian capital, or maybe it’s because after Moscow I went to warm and attractive Izmir, where people are more relaxed and cheerful. I didn’t have positive impression also because of the most actual topic in Moscow: ukrainian question. On the radio, TV I could have listened just about “criminal situation, which became after Ianykovich left his post, and protesters got a power”. Even when we came in the some popular cafe there were newspapers where on first pages stating terrible points in Ukraine. These newspapers were also written in English – I suppose for foreigners, which visited Moscow.

It was before situation with Crimea, and of course I was shocked a little how much attention Russia was given power in Ukraine. There is a very popular opinion that Ukraine and Russia are brothers, but for example my brother when I have any problems doesn’t try to capture my property)). He tries to make my life more relaxed, helps me to solve my problems. But of course relations between relatives can be different and I don’t want to analyze it. I just want to tell about Moscow)).
            So, negative sides:
             - big traffic in the roads. If you came to this city in the 8 a.m. or 5 p.m. you must be ready to stay long time in the road. Be patient and calm. Or don’t drive in this time;
          -  very crowded city. Here life very active: people all time move. Actually I can’t call Moscow touristic place, its business-city. People don’t come here for relaxing.

From another sides if I could choose where to live (if to speak about big crowded cities) I would live in Istanbul: also city for active people, there also big terrible traffic, but as I know people which ever tried to life in this city they don’t want to change a place. But of course I am subjective about it. People have serious reasons to live in Moscow, and I think they like their life there;
            - taxi. If they understand that you are not from Moscow, or special not from Russia, be ready to pay big money for this kind of transport. For 1 km road taxi-driver asked 700 rubles (about 15 euro) – crazy man, we told him bye-bye.
            Positive moments:
           - metro. Very fast, clean, cheap kind of transport. Not so modern but I liked. You can go with metro almost to any part in the Moscow, and no need to spend your time with terrible traffic;
           - Red Square. Beautiful touristic place. We came in Moscow in winter, I think in summer, much more attractive. But even in this season there were many tourists (special from Korea) which took pictures near builds, with pidgins. 

We got cold very much and decided to visit some place which closes to Red Square. It was large Mall with 3 floors.

There were very nice, modern, expensive clothes and shoes. I don’t know who byes such expensive things but 100% not tourists. After my excursion to this build I understood that in Moscow many rich people));

            prices in cafe. We visited just 3 cafés (one of them very pretty Sushi-bar in chine-city region) and I want to tell that prices there in 2 times cheaper than in Khabarovsk. Portions big, service not bad (it will depend from place to place). You can find such places with different styles inside, different kinds of kitchen.

            About Moscow really never sleeps I understood when we flew away. In that moment I was very sorry that only one night which I was in Moscow I spent in the bed. This city so imagine and wonderful from high distance – almost all passengers from the plane looked in the porthole. So if you will visit this city don’t sleep! Go and get pleasure from night-life in Moscow!

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