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This place will be exist enteral

           If you will be in Izmir you should find a time to visit this magical place. If you look in the map you will spend much time to find this town. Sirinсe (Şirinсe) – small village which lies on the mountain. If to believe statistic there, around 570 people live there. After all this you can ask me: «Why should I spend my gold time for this small village?” When my boyfriend offered me to go there (we had limited time together) I became a little angry on him. We went a long distance with a car, even we lost. Road to that place also not safe: narrow, from one side mountains, from another abyss. But when we came in Sirinсe I couldn’t stop smiling. Pretty and attractive place.

You can’t find there any famous historical monuments, or luxury places. There are not hotels with 5 stars like in Antalya, or modern restaurants like in Istanbul. There are not popular night clubs or even any big buildings where possible to buy clothes, foods. I even was wondering how and where people from Siringe live in their city.
            The main value of Sirinсe – wine. Here possible to see and to try any kind of this drink: strawberry, quince, apple, plum, currant etc. I didn’t remember all these kinds but I remembered that some of them I have never heard. Everywhere retail shops where possible to degust (its free). If you liked this or that wine you can order 1, 2, 3 glasses and sit. If you prefer to drink wine at home you can buy bottle and go. Price for 1 bottle about 7-8 euro. We degusted in one place wine and decided to walk a little. Maybe we came 10 steps and saw a very interesting café: all walls inside, outside this place was in papers. Guests which visited this place sent their wishes on these papers.

 As I understood from those papers – Şirinсe touristic place and many people from over the world come to look at this village. I liked owner very that café much: I don’t know turkish, she didn’t know russian but from her positives smile, her gestures, her communicating with another people I understood why her place is so popular. We ordered 1 time 2 glasses quince wine and this was enough that I got dizziness. From food we ate fried corn. Interesting taste but if you have problem with your teeth better not try. If you want to eat something you can’t find kitchen in any café: some place just for wine, another for food and wine. In any case if you have a tongue and you can speak you will never die in Sirinсe – people will show you places where possible to eat).
            Afsin also told that in Şirinсe some old Christian church and we should look at it. I imagined something very big, with mysterious atmosphere, high white walls, and gold dome. Even I tried to look in the market kerchief for my head to come inside that church and to ask in the God forgiveness for my evils. But…church was really very old….It didn’t work; there wasn’t even windows (I keep silence about another things about which I dreamed). We made few photos this church and went to the market.

            In the market you can bye many souvenirs. I liked their magnets very much – unusually, with wine-symbol)). Also here possible to buy clothes, dishes, lucky eyes etc. Of course people don’t buy here such souvenirs much: they concentrate on the wine).

We also did the same and backed in Izmir happy and relaxed.

            P.S. As I got in 2012 when should have been end of the world, Şirinсe should have stayed to a life (prediction of Maya). I suppose God wanted that as much as possible people saw this place and could study to be happy from small things)))) 

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