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Princess Hotel Buyukada - Shortest Runaway From Mess in Istanbul

I associate Buyukada Island with a small Paradise in Istanbul. It is easy to come there with ferries (every 1 hour), which sail from the European and Asian part of the city. Since we stayed long time in Asia City Hotel, the shortest way for us was station in Bostanci.
We spent about 30-40 minutes in the road. While sailing there I enjoyed the beautiful view and listened seagull's songs. It was not my first visit in Buyukada: before I organized fast sight-seeing of Princess Island, and this time I decided to check quality of hotels in Buyukada.

Princess Island

We didn't check any hotels from the Internet. Upon arrival we walked around and decided to stay in Princess Hotel, which was close to the sea.
About room.
We checked all kinds of rooms, and the best option for us was Deluxe with a balcony and sea view. In the mini bar I found beverages and beer, but there wasn't room service. However, just 3 minutes away from the hotel, there were many fish restaurants, which worked till 10 p.m.
Bathroom was completed with shampoo, gel for the shower, soap, and tooth brushes. We didn't get bathrobes, slippers and tooth paste, and to find out reason of this on the reception we didn't want.

Princess Island. Istanbul
There wasn't any problem with water pressure and hot water in the hotel. Just I was sorry they didn't have a bathtub
In general our room was clean and good decorated. Even I found there a pier-glass. Before going to the restaurant for dinner I decided to do make up near the big mirror, but I couldn't do this: there wasn't any lamp or sconce. They put pier-glass in the corner of the room, only they forgot to provide there any lamplight...

Princess Island. Istanbul
Hotel doesn't have SPA-salon, fitness center, or swimming pool. As I learnt there is a hall for business meeting, but who can come in such place for business?

About food.
We paid 80$ per one night in Deluxe room. First they asked 100$ for the same room, but we bargained on the reception to make a discount. Total price included also a breakfast. Morning meal was not so diverse, but tasty and fresh.

Princess Island. Istanbul
Although it was just November, Princess Hotel got prepared for New Year celebration. In the main hall I found decorated Christmas tree and festive mood of the staff

In the evening we went to the Alibaba restaurant, where I ate octopus, fried shrimps, and salads. Actually I wanted to try lobster, but this kind of sea product was not available for Buyukada in the November. I was happy to find in the restaurant gin, even it coast crazy expensive. There were too less visitors, and waiters paid attention to us very much. For our attractive and tasty dinner we paid 130$.

Princess Island. Istanbul
When we came back from Alibaba restaurant, we enjoyed such view from our balcony
About location.
Princess Hotel was located close to ferry's pier. Just opposite of the hotel were few stores, where was possible to exchange the money, to buy food, alcohol, souvenirs. In 3 minutes by walk there was fish restaurant's area. Its located just near the sea, there were served similar dishes and there was the highest prices in the island. After 10 p.m. all those fish restaurants closed, but hungry Dogu in the middle of the night could find a cafe-bar, which worked all night. As he explained me in the morning, it was just 5 minutes away from our hotel.

Princess Istand. Istanbul
Buyukada has a second name. Sometimes people call this place as a Princess Island or Big Island

In the same building with our hotel was Starbucks cafe. Before leaving the Buyukada we came there for coffee. We enjoyed our coffee on the open area, while looking at the sea. That cafe was full of visitors although was early time.
In general, I liked time, which I spent in this hotel in and this island. Although rooms were not luxury and service was not perfect, this place made me relax. However, in future I would like to stay in other hotels in this island for comparison.
About attractions.
When we finished registration in Princess Hotel we asked the staff about historical attractions. They suggested us to take a phaeton, and to move to the south part of the island. There on the highest hill was Church of St. George. Since it was opened till 4 p.m. we were hurried up.

Princess Island. Istanbul
While going to the church we passed a forest. In the same time, just opposite we could watch on the Marmara Sea with other small islands...
Cab brought us to the phaeton's parking, where hill started, and after we walked big distance. I am not sure was there forbidden or impossible to move with transport. After 30 minutes of walking my feet were burning, my head was turning but I stayed in the highest point of Buyukada and was absolutely happy.

historical attractions in Buyukada
Hard route, but such attractive view!

History of the Church of St. George took a beginning from 963. It has bell tower, main building, and yard. I cannot tell that building was attractive, but atmosphere there was special. People, who came to pray, could take candles for free. We took candles, made some donation and cheerful priest presented me two bells for good luck. There was not much place inside the church, but walls were bedecked with icons. After I finished pray, we left the pretty church, sat on the bench, and watched imagine panorama. In that moment I understood, that Buyukada forever will take special place in my heart...

historical attractions in Buyukada
On the area near the church were few telescopes. Just per 1 Turkish Lira visitors could enjoy perfect panorama

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