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Grand Anzac Hotel - Short Stay in Canakkale

While visiting Turkey, I prefer to discover historical places. Since in Istanbul I have been many times, and checked almost all famous places (I think even I could work there as a guide), I decided to organize small trip in other Turkish cities. The first point of my list was Canakkale - big historical city, seaport. It is located in the Asian coast of Dardanelles.
There possible to arrive by plane (it flies from Ataturk airport), by bus or by car. I think, the best option will be car: there are many interesting places for visit in Canakkale, and personal transport will be needed in any case. I cannot tell exactly how much time would take road from Istanbul to Canakkale by car: it would depend on traffic. We spent on the way about 8-9 hours, but we moved out from Asian part of Istanbul. After 8 hours of driving we were ready for ferry Eceabat-Canakkale. If you want to transfer a car, you should pay 10 USD. Ticket per 1 person cost 2,5 USD.

where to stay in Canakkale

After I made first step to the cover city and I realized how tired I was. Early room's reservation was good decision. We checked few sites, and all of them recommended Grand Anzac Hotel. We stayed in Standard room just one night, and paid 37$.
About location.
Just 5 minutes away from the Hotel located Clock Tower. It is like a meet point for tourists. We took few photos and walked to the seafront.

Grand Anzac Hotel
Very close to Clock Tower was touristic agency, which organized city tours

There was the symbol of the city - Trojan horse. As I learnt from the information on the stands, it was exactly that horse, who attended famous movie "Troy"! There I read historical facts about life and cultural of ancient civilizations, which lived on that lands many years ago.

There was model of antique city on the seafront. I read all descriptions

After I sat on the bench and admired the stunning view. Sea, mountains, sky created serene picture...
Along the coast from the one side were many yachts (I think they waited warm season to start work), from another - restaurants. About location we choose a Hotel successfully.

View from the seafront. Canakkale

About room.
I didn't like our room from first seeing. It was very close: 2 beds took all space. Even I couldn't change clothes in normal conditions: to open a suit case was very difficult. In the room was also TV, which didn't work properly.

where to stay in Canakkale

View from the window was not attractive, and there wasn't any balcony.
In the bathroom I found shampoo and gel for the shower, but I preferred to use my own. Hotel didn't serve slippers and bathrobes. In the morning from the bathroom started to go smell of food. I don't know what was wrong, but ventilation system in Standard room definitely was not good.
However, our room had one huge plus - good heating. Battery worked all night, and I slept like an angel. Maybe, good insulation also helped me to rest... For extra warm there was air-conditioner.

where to stay in Canakkale
View from the window of our room

Mini-bar was completed by beverages, water and beer. On the small table, where were kettle, cups and coffee sticks I found room service menu. To order any food in the room was possible till 9 p.m., later just beverages (red white, beer, Raki etc.) were available. There were many restaurants close to our hotel, which worked all night. Visitors could satisfy the munchies with salads, sandwiches, meatballs, or with deserts.
About food.
Tourists, who will stay in Grand Anzac Hotel, must organize their breakfast there! When I entered dining room, I was pleasantly surprised.

where to eat Canakkale
Dining room. Grand Anzac Hotel

There were so many delicious and unusual dishes. I wanted to try all of them, but unfortunately my stomach was not rubber. Stuffed vegetables, olives, different kinds of cheese and sausages were very popular.

where to eat in Canakkale

Atmosphere there was warm, staff was cheerful.
Additional options.
Grand Anzac Hotel doesn't have any fitness center, SPA-salon, swimming pool, conference hall. On the 0 floor my attention was taken by cupboard where were booklets with information (on English and Turkish language) about attractions in Troy, Bozcada, Gokceada, Canakkale. Visitors could take those booklets for free. In the same cupboard souvenirs were sold: small wooden copy of Trojan horse. By the way they coasted just 15 TL: in two times less than in Troy. I didn't buy there any presents since I wanted to take it from the original place.

where to stay in Canakkale

Parking in the Hotel was free. I really don't know where they left cars, but they didn't take money for that.

After fast sight-seeing of Canakkale we moved to Troy. Of course, one night (which I spent in the bed) and half day was not enough to discover all attractions in the city. However, I've got a pleasure from what I saw, and I have a reason to come back there again. About Grand Anzac Hotel I can tell that this place will be a good option per one night: there good location, tasty food, low prices. Tourist, who plan to stay in Canakkale for a long time should search for more spacious room or apartments.

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