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Short story about short rest in Tranquilla River Lodge (Agva).

For the people getting tired of noisy and busy life in Istanbul, dreams come true with quiet and romantic place Agva (Ağva) town. Agva is located between two rivers namely: Göksu and Yeşilçay. Both rivers are flowing to Black Sea. This River Sea River triangle makes Agva town special. We decided to spend there 2 days, and 1 night. For this rest in Agva we chose Tranquilla River Lodge.

Distance from Istanbul Asia part to our hotel is about 50 km. But because of the bad roads we spent about 1 hour and 30 minutes on way.
When I saw the hotel, nature, rooms, - my first impression was not good. Maybe because of tiring and difficult road, or maybe because everything reminded me a village, where less comfortable… But in general I am very impulsive girl, and with time I learned not to believe my first impression.
So, about Tranquilla River Lodge in Agva:
·                    rooms. In this hotel possible to rent 2 types of rooms: with 1 or with 2 floors. These rooms are wooden houses. Inside of all houses were almost the same: sofa, TV, cabinet, fireplace. In our house (1 floor) was also small terrace, hidden from everybody with flowers and dense thickets of trees. Toilet and shower were inside house. From soap supplies there were just gel for the shower, which was inside in unattractive bottle. No shampoo, no conditioner for the hair, no soap…
Our TV didn’t work, and we didn’t try to solve this problem, because we planned to stay there just 2 days. There also weren’t fridge (!) and conditioner (split-system). Just 2 ventilators. But I can tell it was enough – Tranquilla River Lodge is near the Göksu river, so the air around was cool.

·                    nature. Area, which near the houses was all green: dense cover of grass, different kinds of trees, small benches and hammock could be very good material for creative painter. Also near the houses were many wasps, but they were not aggressive, and didn’t try to bite anyone;

·                    attractions. There were not so many options for active rest: canoe, water bicycle was for free. In first day, when we came to the hotel we discovered Göksu River; which lies near the hotel, with canoe. It was very funny, but a little tiring. In the next day we rented a bicycle (30 turkish liras per 2 person for 2 hours) and went to discover the town. I can’t tell that we found something special there. Administrator of Tranquilla River Lodge gave us a map of the town when we just came. With this map we visited Lovers’ Road, but it was just usual road for walking which lies near the Yeşilçay River, with some kinds of trees, flowers and benches. I don’t know why we came there 2 times – maybe we wanted to find the reason of calling that road for Lovers, but we couldn’t.

Not so far from our hotel also beach of the Black Sea. Water of the sea was cold and dirty, but people were swimming like crazy. We spent on the beach about 20 minutes and went to eat ice-cream, which was sold close to the seaside. Ice-cream was really cool: I ordered 3 mulberry balls and was happy.
Also in Agva possible to rent ATV. It will be cost about 50 turkish liras per 1 hour (1 ATV). We didn’t rent this kind of transport that’s why I can’t tell anything about experience.
I would like to see a waterfall which is close to Agva, but road there very hard, and need long time. People suggest to spend 1 day for this, but we didn’t have such time, and Afsin was like a little bit lazy man in that our rest.

From attractions it’s all. It was enough for us for 2 days, but for more long time it would be boring;
·                    food and price for hotel. Restaurant of Tranquilla River Lodge is near the river. I liked that area, especially in the night. We didn’t pay for breakfast – it was free. I can’t tell that we had big choice: in the menu were fresh vegetables, eggs, sausage, and cheese. For desert: dried fruits, honey, halva, tea or coffee. I liked their lemonade, which hotel proposed 24 hours in the day. It was very refreshing for summer. Every morning for holidaymakers was prepared new newspapers (very bad than just in turkish language). But it was funny to read my horoscope on Turkish and to wait from Afsin English comments.

In the evening we ordered fish, few salads and bottle of white wine. I didn’t like fish – they put inside too much spices, and choice about sea products was not big.
We paid per 1 night in the hotel and dinner 500 turkish liras. My comments about this price?! I am still in shock from such imprudence))).

So, about rest in the Agva I can tell that its very relaxing place, and it will be cool option for families rest, or for romantic week-end for lovers. But more than 2 days there would be boring: no historical attractions, no attractive places, no wonderful view, bad beach-rest, and expensive rooms in the hotel.

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