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Yalova, Thermal, and small page from life of Atatürk

It was holiday (Bayram), which all muslim people celebrated after Ramadan. Afsin had few free days, and we decided to go to discover places, which close to Asia part of Istanbul. Afsin offered few options, but the most interesting for me was visit to Yalova city, which is famous with hot springs in Termal district.
Distance from Istanbul (Asia) to Yalova is 70 km. We went with a car, and in the road we had small traffic.

First our station was Yalova Ataturk Walking House, which is in the beginning of the city. It was very difficult for us to make parking: near the Walking House was Marmara Sea, where people went to spend their free time. Road to that parking was very narrow, and drivers were a little bit aggressive.

That house-museum has interesting story. Ataturk didn’t live in that house; it was built like place for transfer. With a time near that building grown big tree posed a threat for house. Workers wanted to cut that tree, but EX leader of Turkey didn’t let him do this. He told, they must safe that plant in any case, and if it posed a threat for house, they must move house. Engineers were puzzled with such task, but they solved it: with rails building was moved on 4 sm. That tree still alive and stays near the Ataturk’s two-story walking house. It would be very good example for young generation: now people for their needs (luxury mansions, or cottages) destroy big forests area…

Famous tree

The tickets on that house-museum cost 2 turkish liras per 1 person. The excursion lasts 20 minutes, and to take any pictures inside forbidden. There was guide, which speaks on Turkish, English. Almost all thing which used founder of modern Turkey saved (towels, kitchen utensils, furniture, sanitary ware). In the second floor we found an Ataturk’s room. There was his waxwork, which in the luxury suit (gift from Ukraine). In the same room were 2 ash-pots, which were presented Hitler. House stays near the Marmara Sea, close to the house is a big restaurant, beautiful garden with flowers.

Picture of Ataturk Walking House from outside (1st floor)

After Ataturk’s Walking house we went to the Waterfall (Sudüşen Waterfall), and we were sorry about this later. Waterfall is just in 7 km from Thermal, but road there terrible: in the mountains, narrow, non-asphalt everywhere, with steep rises. 

On the road to Sudüşen Waterfall

After parking we spent about 10 minutes on walking, because on that area forbidden to drive with a car. For entry on the Waterfall area we paid 2 turkish liras (per 2 persons). When we saw Sudüşen Waterfall we were disappointed: in Internet people made such cool advertisement, but this place was not attractive. Waterfall is small, people around were much (I can’t understand why!!), some of them even swimming. In that area also were few restaurants and kiosks. Restaurants offer for tourists tables in the water, which goes from a waterfall. But we didn’t want to stay in any of those restaurants, and we went to the Thermal.

On the Thermal our main purpose was to visit Yalova Ataturk Mansion (Yalova Atatürk Koşku). That museum works from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We stayed at the ticket window at the 04.55 p.m., and the cashier refused to sell tickets for us (2,5 turkish liras per 1 ticket). We went to the administrator of the museum, and asked his permission to come inside the mansion. He allowed to come, but on the very short period, till museum was closing.

We spent in that historical building about 7-10 minutes, and were very excited from luxury décor, and nice atmosphere in that mansion. Ataturk came to this place for holiday near the Thermal. As we understood from rooms in the museum he brought with him on the rest his adopted daughters (Ataturk didn’t have his own children, but he adopt 10 children, which got good posts in future), and his sister. In the Yalova Ataturk Mansion forbidden to take pictures, but we didn’t have guide with us, and I so wanted to fixed that beauty… So, we have a photo one of the Ataturk daughter room, and room of his sister.

After museum we went to look around of the Thermal area. There we found many places with thermal water, which have different purposes. Some of them were used for cure poor eyesight, second another was useful for respiratory system.

Many holidaymakers took thermal water from well in their bottles. 

Afsin tries to have a healthy lifestyle

After short walking we decided to go to wash in the useful liquid. In the center of Thermal is big building-salon, where tourist can wash in the close, open area (pool with thermal water). For entry we paid 40 turkish liras per both. But it’s just on 1 hour and 30 minutes. Also in that salon possible to order massage, peeling. Inside the building everywhere instructions about rules, which in few languages: Arabic, Turkish. Russian. I can tell that the main contingent of tourist in Yalova Thermal were Turkish, Arabic, and Russian. But during our visit 80% of people were Arabic. In that thermal salon where we came to give pleasure our skin almost all visitors were men. In the closed area there were just men! Temperature of water there very high, after 10 minutes siting in that water I felt sick: dizziness, and weakness were so strong, that I was ready to lose consciousness. We didn’t take risk to stay there more, and went to the swimming-pool where thermal water.

That pool was open area, and water there was not so hot. But again: there were maybe 2-3 women, others – men. We swam in pool about 40 minutes, after we dressed, and went in the center of Yalova for dinner.
I liked area, which in the center of this city: big green area, with many parks, children attractions, and beautiful restaurants.

We walked near the Marina, and found there a popular Turkish café-restaurant Leman Kültür. There weren’t tourists, just Turkish. We ordered fish, chips, and 2 beers, and paid for that 50 turkish liras.

So, Yalova is beautiful and useful as a healthy place. There not so expensive if to compare this city with touristic places in Istanbul, I am happy that I could see places, where lived Ataturk. But this city not so attractive to visit it more than 1 time: in Turkey possible to find much more interesting things. Also in Yalova too much Arabic holidaymakers, who inspect women without yashmak from head to heels. Maybe somebody will happy from such attention, but I felt not comfortable. 

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