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Not for every understanding. Ephesus

            I will start this story from that moment, when I learned one of the seven wonders of theу world is in Turkey (I was very wonder from this point!). It’s a very old historical city, which is called Ephesus. This place is not far from Izmir (west part of Turkey), cheaper and more attractive than Forum (old town of Roma).

If you drive from Izmir it will take about 1 hour. The most important things – shoes and money. Shoes just without heels (road not like the podium), money – for the tickets, guide, souvenirs etc.
            About prices. We spent for the tickets, audio guide (on russian language! also possible to order in germany, spanish, italian, english, another languages) and tickets for one close museum on the same area about 40 dollars per 1 person. I think we spent such money because of my boyfriend: he is turkish and of course can communicate freely on this language. I am not sure, but I think tourists pay more for the same things. There is also a little market at the start of Ephesus. There possible to buy souvenirs, maps, guidebook. I don’t know how much they all cost – I didn’t ask.
            About place. For somebody, who prefers beach rest, such place will be just ruins. For me it was real historical place, which full of secrets and magic)). Of course audio guide – nice thing, I could understood about every area where I came, but….much more better would be to order real intelligent (better russian) guide.

In this case would be possible to ask him some questions, to get more information, to learn interesting details. If you will decide to visit this place you should go terrace houses in this city. These buildings are with entrance fee after restoration. These museums – houses where lived rich people in that time. Till I came at the last floor I was so tired, - I can’t imagine how they could move to their house without elevators!!!

Some rooms have been saved very well: hamam, toilet, place where meet a guest. Another parts need restoration. I hope turkish authorities will care about this moment).

            What I didn’t like. Tourists from Korea. They were so much, and they ran everywhere like an ants! It made me so annoying: I couldn’t get absolutely pleasure from any place because in one moment they ran to that place and noised in their language.

There were very big group – about 20 people, and they ordered english guide. I can’t understand why they did this if (I am sure!) they didn’t understand English! Also there were many old German tourists. It was understood they came to learn Ephesus, not to take different pictures in different places from different positions).

            What I liked. There were many things:
            - library. This building really magical)) I am so sorry that I don’t know Latin to read that sentences which were written in the walls!

Library saved very well: statues pagan Gods, columns, walls – not so difficult to imagine how there was many centuries ago;
              - market area. I don’t know why I felt so happy there. Maybe because of beautiful glade near, maybe because of shopaholics’ blood. By the way market took large area but to look everything impossible – 70% area closed from going (but tourists from Korea ran there and took pictures);

              - amphitheater. If to stay in the centre of this building and start to talk people around will hear you like you speak in microphone. In that moment I remembered such historical movies like Spartacus, Troy… Every era has her charm;

               - church of the Virgin Mary. Actually I didn’t like a place – it’s totally broken, but I liked that I could see something spiritual in this city.

I was wondering that after Issus died his mother came to live in this place. And for orthodox people its very important place – they can get more belief and hope here).
            I was very happy to come through all this city long distance and in the end to know that there are not exit, - we should back from start point)).

            So Ephesus will stay for me like a place which full secrets, mysteries and tourists from Korea!! I am joking) Wonderful place but not for everybody) Just for tourists, which love history and want to open something new in this world.

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