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Want to rest? What about Izmir?!

            My first visit in Izmir was in this year. After dull, frosty and freezing Khabarovsk Izmir was for me like a paradise. We stayed in the Alsancak region. If to compare prices (apartments, restaurants) in this city with prices in Istanbul, I can tell that Izmir much cheaper.

            About apartments. For our apartments there we paid about 60$ per 1 day, but I didn’t like it. First of all this flat not comfortable to stay all time: bedroom very small, kitchen, hallway and living-room were in one room. Balcony was big but dirty and without windows.
            “Living-room” I liked most of all because there were air conditioner which produced warm air and red sofa. I adore red color. And it was one of a reason why Afsin decided to rent that apartment. For rent that flat we used site airbnb.com. We use it all time when we travel, and it was 2nd time when we were disappointed. That’s why, if you will decide to rent any apartment look at the comments first! Also read information which owner stayed about his flat (which kind of floor, TV, Internet, elevator, stove etc.). If you have any questions don’t shy to ask – it’s a place where you will spend some time, don’t let such things to spoilsport.
            In the “kitchen” possible was to find just small electric stove, which worked very slow. We ate in the morning just fried eggs and bread, in another time we went to the restaurant. Also near our house was a small store with products. There wasn’t big choice but for breakfast ok. That store worked 24 hours in the day and there possible was to call and to order some food with home delivery.  In one evening, when we were tired after walking we decided to go in that store. We saw something very interesting there. It was about 11 p.m. and street was fool of transvestites. They were in shoes with high heels, short skirts, with wigs. I wouldn’t shock to met such kind of people in Netherlands, France or even Ukraine, but Turkey!!! A conservative country about clothes, behavior, with big role religion in social life! That situation amused me: transvestites didn’t offer their service, they weren’t aggressive or obsessive. But they tried to get attention from another people with their style of conversation. When we came to store there was one blond “woman” with long eyelashes and defined legs. I can tell “she” was more beautiful than real women, which I saw in Izmir.
            About restaurants. Positive moment was that we stayed in the street where much restaurants. I liked most of all place which calls “Tayfa Balikevi”. We all time sat outside. There was white tablecloth from the paper, which we didn’t scare to make dirty). All 4 days which we went in that place we ordered 1 kind of fish – mackerel which cooker baked on the fire, vegetables, cheese. From drinks we bought just raki and it was right choice. At the 9 p.m. there started music with national turkish instruments. Also was singer which sang dramatics songs. I didn’t like such sounds but Afsin was happy to listen. The middle check per 2 persons in that place 40-50 dollars.

            If you will decide to have breakfast in any places in Izmir don’t expect something unbelievable: maximum mushrooms with shrimps or eggs with tomatoes. About prices I can tell that we were in 3rd restaurants in Izmir and it was almost the same. Of course there possible to find luxury places, where people just in dress-code, sit with serious face, have cold official conversations, and pay per 1 cup of coffee crazy money. But we came in Izmir for fun, so such places were not for us.

            About attractions. First of all I want to distinguish central park of Izmir. Clean, pretty place with beautiful nature. There was possible to find many kinds of palms, other trees. Everywhere benches, playgrounds for kids. In the may starts work fountain, open funfair. In the same area big building where often exhibitions make. In the summer here held music’s festivals and this place becomes fool of people and joyful emotions.

            The second place which I liked was Konak near the Aegean Sea. I thought I get cold but was ok. The most immemorial place there – Clock Tower. People come here to rest after work and to feed pidgins.

 A corn for them was possible to buy in sellers which sat close to the Tower. Not so far from clock Tower Mayor Buildings: modern and attractions. Almost everywhere near the sea different kind of restaurants.

            Not so far from Izmir famous touristic place Kuşadası (Kushadasi). We came there 1 time in the evening and spent perfect our time.

 Small kids can find here amusement parks, water parks, climbing frames and very tasty ice-cream. Young and not so young couples will be happy to spend their time in the park near waterfront, which lights in the night with colored lamps.

 People who prefer more active life will find their happiness in the street of night clubs. Here people can find everything in any time of day, but just in the summer. Prices in that season a little bit crazy, but this moment doesn’t stop tourists.

            So, I can tell about Izmir in general that I liked this city. Here people more modern if to compare with other cities in Turkey. In the streets not so crowed, not such big traffic in the roads like in Istanbul. Here impossible to find many tourists like in Antalya or Cheshme. Here the biggest port in whole Turkey which gives people tasty and fresh sea products. All the year round the weather is sunny and warm. People who live in Izmir without any difficulties can find places in the summer where to swim and to rest. Izmir has many attractive towns where people from whole world come to rest.

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