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Anadolu Kavagi - quiet rest in noisy Istanbul

Istanbul attracts visitors with its cultural and historical heritage. Tourists usually prefer to stay in European part of the city: there they can find lots of interesting buildings, monuments, huge malls and luxury restaurants. However, this part of Istanbul has also negative side: life there is crazy. Central streets in any time of the day crowded: there are not just tourists, but also many beggars, street vendors, musicians. After some period such kind of rest can irritate (like it was with me). In any case, no need to worry: there are many options to run away from urban bustle and enjoy calm atmosphere and beautiful nature. One of these options is Anadolu Kavagi - small village in Asian part of Istanbul.

where to go in Istanbul

To visit this village, it is possible to go there by car or by boat. Since we were with a kid and had a car we chose first option. Road from European part to Anadolu Kavagi was long because of traffic. However, for my son it wasn't a problem: traffic just entertained him. On the way we passed picnic area, which was located near the sea. I promised myself that in one day, when will be warmer outside; we will back there for lunch. I asked Dogu to stop there for a short period, because I wanted to be in that atmosphere of relaxation...

Anadolu Kavagi

First our station in Anadolu Kavagi was Yoros Castle. We parked our car just opposite third bridge, took some photos and climbed to the old construction. To enter inside the castle was possible till 5 p.m. When we came, clock showed about 6 p.m., so we couldn't estimate the beauty of this old building from inside.

Anadolu Kavagi
Third bridge in Istanbul is still being built. I think, in 2016 it will have been completed, and there will be much more less traffic on the roads:)

There are no exactly facts in the history about construction process of Yoros Castle, but it was built in the XII century and was used for borders protection and trade by Greeks, Genoese, Ottomans.
Not so far away from the fortress is a Yoros Cafe, where visitors can order pizza, fish, or just drink a tea while watching a perfect panorama. We didn't go there: sunset was close, and I wanted to see some other attractive places in this picturesque region.

Anadolu Kavagi
Beside the Yoros Castle we found a seller, who sold boiled corn, nuts, and tea. That seller was very popular among tourists

We sat on our car and moved to Anadolu Feneri (Anatolian Lighthouse) - extreme point of Asian part of Istanbul. In this point meets Marmara and Black Seas. When we arrived to the lighthouse and I looked down, I told just: "WOW". Different feelings overfilled me: delight, surprise, fear... I couldn't enjoy that imagine view long time. Dogu all time repeated: "Be careful Sasha, be careful Katya!" Area near the lighthouse for review seas was protected enough and we didn't jump near the cliff, but in order not to make Dogu worry we decided came back to the car.

Anatolian Lighthouse
View from the Anatolian Lighthouse. It was really stunner

On the way we made our last station in Anadolu Kavagi - fish-restaurants area. First I didn't understand why people try to stop our car while we drove, but after I learnt that its "visitor-catchers". Some restaurants, which were just near the cost were full of people, other - just opposite. Since we decided to organize our dinner in the restaurant, which is under Galata bridge (by the way, there was really marvelous!) I refused to put any food in my stomach till the evening.

where to eat in Istanbul

From the Anadolu Kavagi I brought in our home some tasty souvenirs: fresh figs, damsons and nuts. Villagers sold it just near the road, and their prices were so cheap.

where to go in Istanbul

Anadolu Kavagi and Anadolu Feneri also have their European twins: Rumeli Kavagi and Rumeli Feneri. We also visited these places but in another day. Many centuries ago there also was some castle in Rumeli Kavagi. Now it's just a flawed ruin, which I am sure nobody will reconstruct in future.

Rumeli Kavagi
While watching pictures of nameless Castle in Rumeli Kavagi, I've got a wish to back there again!)

However, many tourists found these ruins attractive and organized photosessia on their background. Of course, after Anadoly Kavagi this place looked like little bit poor, but in any case it presented to us romantic moments and good memories!

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