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Vacation in Hotel Venezia Palace (Antalya): art of self-satisfaction

In the day, when we decided to move in hotel Venezia Palace I was not in the best mood. Maybe dull weather was guilty, or maybe I was angry on myself, because 3 days in a sequence we slept away on the plane. Whatever, all my depressive minds ran away just I entered this unusual place. My hands automatically took camera, and I started to take pictures.

where to stay in Antalya

Unfortunately I had enough time for pictures: we spent on registration more than 1 hour. I still can't understand why: there were not much visitors. It wasn't the hottest point of season (end of September).

where to stay in Antalya

Lobby helped me to brighten a time in the reception. I ordered Martini and juice (for my son), and absence special glasses for alcohol drink in such luxurious hotel made me wonder.

where to stay in Antalya

About rooms
Design of Venezia Palace - something marvelous, but it seems like architect didn't finish his job. Accommodations were in usual buildings, without any hint about beautiful city.

where to stay in Antalya
There are 3 living blocks in Venezia Palace. All of them have the similar design

Our room was not big. On the reception we learnt that there are no family rooms in hotel, but I am not sure it was true. We had 2 beds, wardrobe, TV, air conditioner, small bar, terrace.

where to stay in Antalya

Room service was good, and attentive to details. What I didn't like in the room - Internet. Hotel can't offer tourists even surcharge Wi-Fi! If somebody need urgently connect with anyone, he should run to Lobby. Just there is free Wi-Fi, and as Dogu told me, there Internet speed was good.
About food
The main restaurant of Venezia Palace - Bellini Restaurant. Menu there was almost the same in the breakfast and launch. In the evening, it was possible to try something attractive. First time when we came here for the dinner I found few kinds of sushi. I couldn't ignore that dish, and filled my saucer. I made that tasting just once and never repeated anymore: sushi, sauce - all were bad! However, in my next dinner in Bellini restaurant I chose shrimps, mussels, fish, and was happy. I liked that Restaurant because there were light and healthy foods. There are few sections: for babies, diet menu, and bar, where possible to order different kind of drinks.

hotel Venezia Palace
Bellini Restaurant also has area, where possible to smoke. I can not call it summer playground, because its not opened. However, there wasn't any smell of cigarettes

The negative thing - absence screens, I didn't try some dishes, because I couldn't understand what it was.
In the launch time we went to the Tea Garden, where served ice cream, tea, Turkish coffee. Ice cream was available from 12 to 6 p.m., after started "hard food", with grill sausages, meat, fresh bread.

Hotel Venezia Palace
Beside the Tea Garden there was Hookan Bar. We didn't visit it, but till we ate ice cream we enjoyed with perfect smell of fruit tobacco

As we learnt from animators to try ice cream was possible also in Cafe Florian, but I couldn't find this place!
Venezia Palace also has 4 restaurants A'La Carte: Italian, Brazilian, Asian, Fish Restaurant. For any alcohol there visitors should pay. In Asian Restaurant all dishes in menu need money.
About pools
There are 3 swimming pools: huge, closed (in the same building with ping-pong), and tiny (for kids).

Gondola Bar is the main attraction of big pool. It is located in the middle of the pool, and there barman served perfect Tequila. For kids they make special non-alcohol cocktails.

Till the day near the pool animators didn't organize any parties, dances or water aerobics. Thats why most of the visitors concentrated near the Gondola Bar

Also there is a Jacuzzi into the pool, which works till 5 p.m. I don't know why, I all time got cold there, and this forced me to swim. I am not professional swimmer, but I was not happy with deep of pool: 1.40 m. maximal. I couldn't make diving, I couldn't swim, but I could play in water polo. Unfortunately, only my rivals were Dogu and Sasha, who scared to stay in the cold water, that's why he putted gate on the land and shouted: "Shot!"

Venezia Palace also has its own beach. Near the beach we found area for relaxation, and small bar

About attractions
In the day tourists can play in ping-pong, water polo, mini-football, use water-slides, or visit Campanille Tower, where opened perfect view on the hotel. All equipments are in animators, but almost all time they were closed. First day I thought that we were just one visitor in this hotel, but in the night I changed my mind.

After dinner started work amphitheatre. For kids there were something like fast-disco (30 min), after started show-programs.

It was night of Flamenco, and was so perfect...

We liked time in amphitheatre the most: it was really attractive. After show some tourists moved to area with live music. Maybe there would be more funny, if singers and animators were not so sleepy.
Night life in Venezia Palace focused in La Piazza Club. It's a pretty place with white furniture, and open area. Music there was perfect, and to dance there - real pleasure. People, who decided to visit that night club possible was to count on the fingers, but for us it was huge plus - more free spare on the dance floor.

Hotel Venezia Palace

We liked design of Venezia Palace, and uncrowned after crazy Topkapi Palace had own charm. We didn't spend our time for searching free chaise-longue. In the evening we could easy find free tables for dinner. One more plus - lower, than in Topkapi and Kremlin Palace prices (130 euro/night).

where to stay in Antalya

But tourists, who look for colorful impressions, crazy night life, will be disappointed. Maybe the reason was the season: it was end of September, and Turkish schools started to facilitate. Maybe the reason of such silence was animators team: they were not active, and till the day they looked like bored. How can tourist get positive impulse from them?! Anyway, we brought with us in suitcase positive mood, and we spent good time in Venezia Palace.

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