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Hotel Kremlin Palace: small portion of Russia in Antalya

Tourists who will organize holidays in hotel Topkapi Palace (Antalya) will have additional advantages: free entrance to the hotel Kremlin Palace. These 2 hotels are children of the same company. Therefore, visitors can use food, beach, pools, and attractions any of them for free. In September 2015 we stayed in Topkapi Palace, and 2 times visited his Russian neighbor.

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First time animators from our hotel invited us for “big daily party, which is organized just 1 time in 2 weeks, and which possible to see just in Kremlin Palace”. It was some concert with singers, dancers, robots (!) I regretted that I didn’t take my camera. At list I could take pictures of dancers: they wore colorful swimsuits, high heels and almost didn’t move (because of slippery floor). More agile was singer, but she just hold a microphone near her mouth, and sometimes moved with her lips. Especially Arabic and Turkish men were excited by their attitude. They even started to jump in the swimming pool, and swam to the dance floor, to see legibly exotic girls.

where to stay in Antalya
The main swimming pool of Kremlin Palace. Here were organized most of events

Second time we visited Kremlin Palace, when was football game between Fenerbahce and Besiktas (Turkish football teams). We had a chance to watch it on big screen, which was near the main pool.

hotel Kremlin Palace

Till my men attentively watched a match I decided to walk to beach.

hotel  Kremlin Palace
My road to the beach was very attractive and full of romantism

On the way I saw many gift shops with Russian signboards, where played Russian music.

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My attention was drawn Pushkin Café. It worked from 2 till 6.30 p.m. It was famous with sweet things and tea.

hotel Kremlin Palace

Beach was empty. I stopped near the kiosk with advertising. Here tourists could order boat trip, parasailing, diving. I don’t remember exactly prices, but it was high. After my short walk I backed to my fans of Besiktas team and we together enjoyed the match.

People, who stay in hotel Kremlin Palace have a chance to rest in unusual appartaments, which are located near the Mediterranean Sea

In general most of the events were organized in the Kremlin Palace. Most of the time, vacationers from Topkapi Palace were informed about every of them.
About architecture
Architects of this place really knew their mission. In the relatively small area they could recreate Resurrection Gate, Red Square, St Basil’s Church and many other historical attractions the capital of Russia. However, there also possible to meet some elements of Turkish traditions:
·   Restaurant Car Cadiri, where were served some traditional Turkish food: gozleme, manti. This place is near the beach, and open from midday to 5 p.m. Vacationers can’t entry there in swimsuits;

hotel Kremlin Palace

·       Pasha Restaurant. Starts to work from 7.30 p.m. and offers just traditional Turkish dishes.
About design
I didn’t see rooms of Kremlin Palace, but from Lobby’s design and photos from the site I can approve this hotel more luxurious than Topkapi Palace. Of course, they were made in different style, but furniture in Kremlin Palace more new and brighter.

About food
In the same building with Lobby, on the second floor is dining room. I tried to find usual stairs, but I couldn’t – people went there with escalator.
Fans of Russian kitchen would be happy to visit that dining room. Almost all main dishes, salads, desserts were cooked in Russian style. But that place also had some deficiencies:
ü    There wasn’t diet menu. Maybe there was possible to find some dietetic products, but dining room is not small, and there all time many people. I wouldn’t like to spend my time for searching of needed dishes.
ü    There was small selection of soups. Soup is very important dish in Russian menu. It shouldn’t be oily or too thick, and would be perfect if cooker could make Cabbage soup (without lamb!)

In the dining room even in the midnight possible to find some food

Tourists, who stay in Kremlin Palace and want to enliven their ration, can visit restaurants A’La Carte. Hotel has 5 restaurants, which work just in the evening and need reservation:
·    El Somrero. Restaurant of Mexican food. Located in the St Basil’s Church, and can make “hot” any evening;
·      Pasha Restaurant. I already mentioned about this place.
·     Marina Restaurant. Till the day small visitors come here to try hamburger with potato fried. And in the evening their parents enjoy with a sea products.

·      Sushi Restaurant. Located in the same building with a Lobby. I didn’t like main dish of this restaurant. Fish for the sushi was not fresh, a little bit dry. Soy sauce was too bitter, and gave that sushi terrible taste.
·     La Condola Restaurant. This is Italian Restaurant with big open area. Every evening after 9 p.m. was started alive music. I don’t know why but visitors there were not too much (like in Topkapi Palace).

Near the summer playground is a Big Bar, where possible to order different coctails and traditional Turkish coffee

We didn’t visit disco, but we decided to try Martini in the Diva Bar, which works 24 hours in a day. Cocktails were tasty, that’s why it was not last.

After we came back to our darling Topkapi Palace.
I don’t want to tell that 1 hotel of these 2 better than another one. Architecture, luxuries give a charm of Kremlin Palace.

Many tourists visit this place because of curiosity. But we couldn’t get fun there, like we did in Topkapi Palace. Maybe it’s because of season (end of September), maybe because of animators, but maybe people come here to rest in silence. In any case this hotel is unique about its architecture and worthy of note from tourists.

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