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A tiny "country" in Odessa. Arkadia

Before going to Odessa for celebration my birthday I asked some of my friends about attractive places in Odessa. I knew this city can offer many historical attractions (most of them located in Deribasovskaya street), but about night life I had no information.

what to look in Odessa
Once we sent children to the beach,  and we went to see main attractions in Odessa. It took about 4 hours by our car

After inquiries I learnt that Ibiza is the most famous night club in Odessa. It is located in the area, which calls Arkadia. In the same area there is a public beach, Luna Park, many souvenir stories, and restaurants. There are possible to rent luxury apartments in new multistory buildings near Arcadia. We decided to stay in this area, so we found pretty apartment with 2 bedrooms, huge balcony, Jacuzzi, dressing room There were everything we needed, and even what we didn’t need! We paid 80$ per day, and were happy to back in our cool rooms every evening.

where to stay in Odessa
We did not take too many pictures of apartment, where we stayed. However, this room we spent much time, was our kitchen

About beaches

First day of our rest in Odessa we visited public beach in Arkadia, and it was not exciting. Water in the sea was cold and green. I couldn’t see my feet even near the coast. There was possible to order few kinds of water attractions, but nothing unusual.

public beach in Odessa
The main attraction for kids, who visied public beach in Arkadia was jumping from springboard

Visitors in the Arkadia Beach were not so much like for example in Langeron Beach (in this place I felt myself like an ant, which was pushed from all sides).
In the next day we organized beach rest in Ibiza. First I thought that it’s just a night club, but when I saw this place I understood I was wrong. Ibiza is a big complex in Arkadia, which includes restaurant, bar, terrace, night club, beach area with 3 big swimming pools, and children playground. 

private beach in Odessa
Swimming pools in Ibiza were not deep, but always clean. It was cool bonus after Black Sea

Exit in beach area is free, but every visitor should order chaise-longue (from 5$), pavilion (25$), soft platform (25$). We came to this place with kids, so we ordered pavilion or soft platform. For people, who plan to have a sunbath I recommend order soft platform: to hide from the sun possible under umbrella, but in pavilion you will stay totally in the shadow. We ordered pavilion just once, and I got cold there :)

private beach in Odessa

About restaurants

We tried few restaurants in Odessa, but most of all I liked 2 of them:
1) Restaurant Fish. Young restaurant with cool terrace, wonderful decorations and perfect sea food. There we tried oysters (it was first time in my life, and thanks God I didn’t get any bad effect), sea bass with vegetables... and frog legs! It was not my first time, but I think my stomach gets older: I could ate just half leg, and second part I gave my poor boyfriend (He proved his love, when he ate that, smiled, and told that it was tasty). Prices there are adequate, but a big problem with reservation. People reserve place before few weeks. We wanted to sit in terrace, but we couldn’t, and when we saw huge que we decided to sit inside the restaurant.
2) Restaurant in Ibiza. We tried almost all sushi-bars in Arkadia, but in Ibiza they cook it really perfect.

where to find tasty sushi in Odessa
Price for 1 portion of rolls in Ibiza restaurant starts from 10$. I still remember their perfect taste...

Kids with a delight remember about pizza and chicken grill in Ibiza.

where to eat pizza in Odessa
Children waited for pizza more than 30 minutes. Till that time they got tired, bored, and did not want anything. After after they got their order, they became the happiest kids in the world

During sunbath in the beach area possible was to order everything to pavilion/soft platform. We usually ordered our favorite drink champagne. Prices there were higher than in other restaurants in Odessa, but cheaper than in other popular touristic places. That’s why in the beach area you can meet many foreigners, who drink sweet sangria, smoke hookah, and look for adventures and girls in luxury swimming costumes in high heels and with colorful make up :)

About night life

We decided to celebrate my birthday in Ibiza night club, and I was not happy from this. That small area, which somebody decided to call night club was full of people, who came there like to the cinema. They reserved a place, order cocktails, but their "dance" limited simple moves near the tables. Dance floor is very small, and I think it was created not for dance, but for curious people who just want to see MC closer. MC by the way was really funny, but to hear his speech was possible from terrace (where at list you can sit, eat, and relax). When we came inside the night club I stayed in one position about 10 minutes and I couldn’t move. I was disappointed: instead of grand palace I found small cave where women actively tried to catch attention, men openly examined every "competitor".

night life in Odessa
Most of the people, who came to the night club sat in the restaurant or in the bar, which were separated with night club

Last our night in Odessa we decided to spend in Itaka night club. Entry there cheaper than in Ibiza night club, and dance floor is big enough. This place definitely was created for dance, but there were not so much visitors. We tried there few interesting cocktails, danced few songs and after decided to look around. As we learnt Itaka also has its own beach area with swimming pools, pavilions and soft platforms. Unfortunately we were not able to check that place: in the next morning we back home.

night life in Odessa
Two facts that I liked the most in Itaka were desirable prices and quick service of waiters

About souvenirs

There are many souvenirs stories in Arkadia. We visited all of them, and everywhere we found something interesting. Average prices for t-shirts 20$, for big shells 7-8$, for magnets 1$. In the public beach there was a market where we bought t-shirts for kids in Odessa-style. Also Ibiza has its souvenir store, where sold t-shirts, cups, pens with its emblem. I asked price one t-shirt which I liked the most, but it was so not adequate high, that my brain decided not to save this information :)

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