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In search of ukrainian attractions: Askania Nova

Our summer vacation in this year we decided to organize in Odessa. For making our trip more comfortable (we took 2 kids with us) we rented a car in Zaporozhya and bought Navigator. But when we started to check rout Zaporozhya-Odessa in more detail we learnt that we will pass Askania Nova. Since I have never visited this place before, and I knew that it’s the most famous National park in Ukraine I offered to stop there for short excursion.


If you will organize trip to this region I suggest you to buy GPS. There are too less indices on the way, so you can lose easy. When you will find dreamer screen "Welcome to Askania Nova" there will be new surprise: road. It will be pretty terrible, you can not drive fast. Slowly-slowly we arrived to the zoo, which was staffed with a small parking area. To find a place for parking was difficult, and I couldn’t understand why: there were not too much visitors.

Near the bird area we found small garden. Perfect place for embraces

Askania Nova Zoo: prices

Price for the tickets was different for children and adults, but not high. We paid for 2 children, 2 adults, for parking area, and for photography in total about 7$.

What to look

Territory of zoo includes few areas:
1. Area with birds. Here we found storks, peacocks, few kinds of cranes, flamingos, falcons, and ducks. All these assortment was supplement different kinds of chicken, pigeons, guinea pigs and rabbits :)

 But most of all I liked section with black swans, which spent hot weekdays in small pound.

black swan

2. Botanical Garden. Very green, very clean and attractive place. I wanted to sit there on the bench, to watch the huge pound with a ducks, to test fresh air... But my harmful son didn’t give me this chance: he was tired, bored, and all time asked about Odessa. So after few shots we went to the next area.

askania nova

3. Area with veldt animals. Here you should be ready to meet face by face with bad smell. Special near cages with buffallos and goats.

askania nova

Much bigger territory for living has dears and roes. But some of them were so far away, that impossible were to see them.

askania nova

Children liked this area the most: their "star" was small zebra, which stayed near cage and indifferently watched on curious visitors.


People, who want to learn more information about Askania Nova can order excursion and it will coast not too much.

About souvenirs

The question:"where to buy souvenirs in Askania Nova" I heard from my nephew just we arrived to the national park. I couldn’t see around any mongers, and I decided to ask about this moment when we will finish excursion. And I did correct: just we left zoo, we found small market, where possible was to buy cups, magnets, dishes, statuettes, and many other things. We bought for ourselves 3 cups (which unfortunately we broke till we came in Odessa), few magnets (which crashed in small pieces in my bag), and knife (I needed something for cutting salami). Knife was good, but I put it in the trash before coming in Aquapark (thank you security). So as a keepsake from Askania Nova I have just a locket with huge tooth unknown animal and many photos...)


About food

There were 2 stories near the parking area, where were sold beverages and some food. Also there some places, where possible to eat (I can not call these places "cafe"). We wanted to buy bread, or buns, but we couldn’t find. So we organized non-bread launch in our car, and after went to Odessa.
One monger in souvenir story advised us to visit park, which near the zoo. But after her words my sons lips started to tremble, and I decided not to test his nerves:)

In the end I should tell that it was nice trip, but for the people, who plan to discover Askania Nova carefully, better leave kids at home:)

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