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French street or what we know about elegant attractions in Istanbul

It was 4th of January. I opened my eyes, looked at the window, and became sad. This city didn’t want to enjoy me: again was raining. Every time, when I came there, I ask Afsin the same question: where to go in Istanbul else? Weather was not good for walking, but I didn’t want to stay at home. I don’t think Afsin was happy from that my wish, but my kind and careful man just smiled, and told that he knows one special place for showing.

French street (Istanbul) famous with its elegant style

We wore our warm clothes and went from Asian to European part of Istanbul. We parked our car and came to Taksim. About 2 years ago my meeting with Istanbul started from this region. There nothing changed from that time: the same stories with brand clothes, big crowds on the streets, beggars with babies and small kids, mussel sellers everywhere, my lovely Cicek Pasagi. But we went and went without stopping. Afsin planned to show me one attractive street in this region. We passed that street few times, and when we finally found it, I understood why we lost. Street was very narrow, hid partly with trees.

This street contains many stairs. With every step you descend below

That place calls French street. Istanbul didn’t stop to wonder me with his variety. Afsin explained that this street got its name in 2003, when one private construction company made here repair. Many materials (ground stones, lamps) were brought from Paris, and of course street was built in French style. I liked this street: many stairs, statues, colorful buildings, pretty restaurants.
I didn’t want to eat, but I agreed to sit in one café in this area. We decided to choose Magic House (hotel, café, and bar).Here was really magic atmosphere, but not good service. Barman didn’t put inside the mulled wine spices. In my Cuba Libra instead of lime they putted cucumber! I understand that it’s the same color, but what to do with taste (and in the menu there wasn’t anything about cucumber!).

Toilet was inside the building, on the 2nd floor (common for men and women). Toilet didn’t work normal: there wasn’t water. In the same floor were 2 or 3 hotel’s rooms. We waited bill so long time, that I started to think about going away without pay. That place disappointed me, but there were many positive moments: was warm (we sat outside), calm, and nicely (even New Year’s decorations). Of course, if you search where to eat in Istanbul Magic House not best choice.

Cafes in French Street almost empty. I suppose they lost their popularity. But prices didnt become lower

If you don’t know where to go, Istanbul can propose you many beautiful options. French Street - one of them. Don’t forget to take camera and good mood with you :)

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