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Let’s make a romantic date. Sapanca Lake (Izmit)

I can’t tell that it was usual day: every meeting with Afsin – something unreal, cool, special… I really love this man, and my love to him grows up with time. I like to spend time with him: every time my man tries to make me wonder. Our last meeting in Istanbul was cold and wet (November played his games), but it didn’t prevent us to spend a romantic time together.
So, for that couples, which decided to spend their holidays in Izmit, and want to find an interesting place for activity I recommend to visit Sapanca Lake. Distance from Izmit to this lake about 35 km. We went from Korfez, and it took about 1 hour.

Our main wish was to have a romantic breakfast near the lake coast. Till I did make up, Afsin chose what to wear, till we came to the lake it was 12 p.m. Weather was not good: was small raining, overcast, not hot. But my mood became very sunny when I saw the lake. Everywhere was clean, green. In the lake swam small and big ducks. I was wonder about summer: do people swim there? Afsin couldn’t answer on this question, but it’s Turkey – everything possible.

Like anywhere in Turkish touristic place near Sapanca Lake were many small and big restaurants. We were very lazy to go and to search best restaurant: Afsin wanted eat, so we sat in that place where we found a terminal for credit card (by the way if you will come to the lake without cash before sit in any café/restaurant ask staff about terminal. Otherwise you can have problems). We sat in the small open area one red-style cafe. I like to look at the water, to feel its smell, to watch birds, which in the water. Sapanca Lake gave me this chance: in that morning I ate perfect eggs with tomato and paper (menemen – traditional Turkish dish), olives, drunk coffee with milk and watched perfect things.

Every tourist should try turkish traditional breakfast in the restaurant) Perfect)

About prices. No need to rush and do sit in the first café which you saw (like we did). That place was not attractive – usual, but prices there high. We ordered eggs, olives, cheese, potato, tea, coffee and we paid 65 Turkish liras. When we left that café and went to walk we saw much more attractive and cheaper place. But we didn’t go there: our stomachs were full.
About tourists. Before 1 p.m. lake was almost empty. Outside every café stayed some boy or girl, who tried to lure visitors. After 1 p.m. this small area became full of people. Most of them – Arabic and Turkish. They came there with friends, kids. Yes, there was crowded, but calmer than in Istanbul. People were relax and lazy, ready for rest.

About attractions. In this cold time there were not many options. Near the lake possible was to rent catamaran. I can’t tell anything about prices: we were not interested.

Some restaurants built on their area small parks with benches, playground, and parking. Beautiful nature. Visitors of Sapanca Lake were trying to make pictures everywhere.

Near the Lake there is a hotel, where people come not just for eating, but also for SPA-procedures. From outside this hotel looks like very luxury. It has own area near the water, which close from other people with a fence.
Near the Sapanca Lake possible to find also private houses, which built in attractive style. Most of the owners don’t live there all time; they buy it for spending good time in the week-ends, summer holidays. Near all houses grow some plants, which I never saw before. We weren’t shy to stay and to look on the houses some period.

Private house and plant near it. Afsin told that it was built in Dutch-style). About plant near the houses I have some guesses)))

Sapanca Lake takes big area, and we didn’t see all, because Afsin tired to walk. Even if we discovered all lake, we would have a reason to back here (and not one time!). Its very relaxing, beautiful, and romantic place. So, if you will be in Izmit, you should visit Sapanca Lake!

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