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Elite World Hotel and wonderful dream in Istambul

            We decided to choose Elite World Hotel which in Istanbul not because we planed some very important business meeting, or wanted official atmosphere around us. When Afsin looked hotels in Internet in his mind was just one point – to find a place for staying, which will close to Istanbul Ataturk Airport. In that day I should have flied to Istanbul at 5.40 p.m. And in the next day at 8 a.m. he had a plane to Cyprus.
            So, it must be just a place for 1 night and nothing else. We didn’t have any time for sauna, swimming pool, or sport centre, which is free there. I also can’t tell nothing about breakfast which also includes in the price for hotel. But for that short time which we spent there I can tell positive and negative sides this hotel.

             Positive sides:
           - elegant interior. I mean not just our room, but whole building. When we came in the hotel, I was very tired and annoying. But when I sat down to the soft sofa (till staff of the hotel made our registration) and watched around, I became very relaxed. In that time I became very sorry that we will stay so short time here, and I couldn’t learn this place more;

           - cleanliness. Maybe you will wonder from this point, because in general it must be not positive side, but one of the main conditions every hotel. And if you really think like that, it means that you have never stayed in ukrainian hotels). I liked also colors in which was decorated our room: it made around us romantic atmosphere. But maybe I thought like that because near me was a man, with which any atmosphere would be romantic…);

           - silence. I thought that I will have bad dreams in the hotel, because of big road which close to building. But I was wrong – I slept like a baby and didn’t hear any noise;

          -  adequate personnel. When I came home I decided to look Elite World Hotel in the Internet and I was wonder that people which stayed there complain to the rude staff. When we came to the reception for registration I was met with kind smiles and courteous conversations. We didn’t wait long time on the reception.

            Negative moments:
            - very difficult to find the area where this hotel is. We didn’t used transfer from airport to our hotel. Afsin rented a car and with that car we came by ourselves. We lost 3-4 times, and when we understood that we can’t find that hotel Afsin asked some guy to show us the road. I can tell that if we again go to the Elite World Hotel we would lost again!
           - terrible remedies for hair care. For me my hair – saint thing, and I all time care about shampoo, balsam conditioner. In this place that things were in small bottles, and they had scent like Ariel. I didn’t risk use shampoo, but after balsam conditioner my hair was not in good conditions. Maybe for you its not big thing, if you are a man, but I would like to go out from hotel with good appearance, but not with a greasy hair (because administration don’t want to spent money for high quality remedies for hair);

           - not good view from the window. Its understand because area where is this Hotel in the middle of usual region – not rich, not poor I can tell. There impossible to find big offices, or attractive buildings. Everywhere just markets, small old buildings. I didn’t see also any beautiful restaurants. We went for dinner in the Ortaköy region (it took about 20 minutes by car).

            About prices. We spent per 1 day about 150 dollars. It was standard room. Interesting thing, that if in the same room would stay just 1 person, price would be less – 120 $. Of course possible to find cheaper option for 1 night in Istanbul, but I don’t regret that I saw one more beautiful and attractive place in Istanbul.

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