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Welcome to Turkey one more time. North Cyprus

When Afsin told me that we would go to rest in Cyprus, my mind started drawing many beautiful things: exotic palms, different kinds of flowers, attractive streets, and rich houses. When I was a little girl I used to play with my friends in “Empire”, and every players dreamed to buy Cyprus because this island was the most attractive and luxurious. I can’t tell that I was disappointed when I saw this island, but if I was a kid, I would change my priorities about “Empire”.

            For that people, which want to go to rest in Cyprus should know such information:
·                    this Island divided on 2 parts. One – Greek part (South Cyprus), second – Turkish (North Cyprus or Kuzey Kıbrıs). Entry rules different in each part. Differs also in prices. We went to rest in the North Cyprus;
·                    if you will have entry stamp on North Cyprus in your passport in future you can’t open visa in Greece. Of course you can easily solve this problem: you can make a new passport or to ask staff of passport control to put this stamp in individual document (don’t lose this document till you will get pleasure from rest in Kuzey Kıbrıs – if not you might have big problems with exit from this island);
·                    if you go for beach rest or for an active rest in hotel don’t go in May – there are season of raining. Disco, animators start work in the June;

·                    North Cyprus famous with its gambling, casino. It’s like a mini version of Las Vegas. Most of Turkish people go there for tempt fate and to lose money. Of course if you are lucky enough, you can win also. But don’t be sure that if you can bluff very well you will get big money in those places. We went there few times; every times when I looked at the staff, which work in casino I didn’t want anything from this life. In those places very bad energy, and many angry people. But there also positive moment: when you came to casino, and bought chips, you can drink free anything;

·                    when you will order a hotel in Cyprus – try to find with a 3-meals a day. Food in restaurants expensive;

·                    on the road airport-your hotel don’t make stress yourself. Everywhere will be wasteland. Very poor nature which grow on the clay. As I know there is no water in Cyprus, they bring it from the Turkey (like other things for life: food, clothes, petrol, etc.).

            Almost all our time we stayed in the hotel. It was our paradise, about which I will tell in another article. But if you want to discover North Cyprus, there are few options where you should visit:
·                    Harbor city in Girne (Kyrenia). In this place you can order different kinds excursions on the boats, rent a yacht, have a beautiful lunch or dinner near the sea. Here also possible to buy souvenirs or maps of North Cyprus;

·                    Castle of Kyrenia. From the roof of this building opening a very beautiful view: mountains, sea, green areas. There is one point that you should keep in mind: if you are a turkish, you will pay for the ticket, to come on the roof one price, if you are not a turkish you will pay in 3 times more. Even if you will wear a yashmak, and pretend to be deaf, that woman, who sells tickets will know about you everything. I will not wonder if she is a relative of Vanga;
·                    Central park in the middle of Girne. There possible to find fountains, benches, even ancient burial. We came there just to rest a little on the bench, and to make a plan about our further route;

·                    small village close to Girne (Bellapais). Very beautiful place with many kinds of restaurants, full of tourists.
Bellapais Abbey is the main attraction of this place. It was start build in XI century, and finished in XIII. For such long time this holy saved very well.
We paid for our tickets in Bellapais Abbey about 3$ per 1 person. Tickets for tourists (except turkish) will cost about 10$. From this Abbey possible to see mountains, sea, and half part of Girne.
Close to this building we found restaurant (Kybele  restaurant) with very big green area. For people which will go there I suggest to sit outside. About prices I can’t tell that it was so expensive: for shrimps, calamaries, olives and bread we paid about 40$.

So, my first impression about Cyprus. If you decided to go here for beach rest it will be good option just in that case, if you will stay in a good hotel. Yes it will be cost not cheap, but in this case you will get not just sea and food 1 time in a day, but also free hotel service: hamam, few swimming pools, sauna, gym different foods with alcohol, interesting animations. If you like discover, open interesting things – Cyprus will not be good option. Would I like to back there? I think in the world there are many much more interesting options for me.

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